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Restaurant Review: Peppe’s Mexican Grill

After eating at Peppe’s for the first time, I’m done with Chipotle.

Since my parents live in the area, I’ve driven past this spot since it’s opened its doors but never found myself in a position to stop by. Curiosity finally got the better of me and I rectified that problem yesterday evening.

The food is delicious! It’s fresh, authentic, homemade and very appropriately priced. The chicken fajitas are packed with roasted peppers and fried onions and loaded with flavor.

The fish and shrimp tacos are outstanding (and I’m told tacos are on special for taco Tuesdays) with a hint of fresh lime juice. Both the tilapia and the shrimp are fresh and not the usual, flavorless, reheated-from-frozen rubber.

Be sure to add their homemade sauces in the unlikely event that your palate isn’t satisfied yet.


The dining room is spacious enough and your meal is served on real plates. No plastic baskets or cafeteria trays here. There’s no wait staff and the service is over-the-counter. Don’t let that fool you though, every request I made (extra sour cream and sauces) were handled quickly and politely!

This is as authentic as Mexican food gets without a plane ticket. With prices this reasonable given the amount of food you’re served? I’ll never set foot in Chipotle again.

Kudos to the ownership! I wish you all the best success!

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