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All of Philadelphia is Clamoring for LeBron … Except Phil from Mt. Airy


I know what you want. You want the KING. The triple double machine who seems to redefine NBA greatness with every passing season and playoff appearance. I get it. Your thirsty. You want to experience the joy of ’83, when the 76ers swept the Lakers and retake that walk down Broad Street of February  2018. You’re all wrong. He doesn’t belong here. I’m sorry.  I’m going to be the voice of reason. I’ll speak for and represent the minority of Philly sports fans today, and I’m okay with it. You’ll call me a hater, simply because that’s the new age term for dissenter’s who somehow don’t go along with the program in today’s social media driven world of sports fanaticism. That’s also generally the fall back when there’s no logical way to defend your position or belief. But this frothing, dreaming, and praying for LeBron James has gone too far, and someone has to speak out. The idea that’s he’s answer, the topping off of “The Process” and the sure fire GUARANTEED way to win the NBA TITLE is ridiculous. It’s also shortsighted, and I could give you 76 reasons why but for arguments sake I’ll stick to three, and then the time is yours.

Do you REALLY want the drama he brings? He is a walking press conference, and that only heightens the moment he announces (or that he’ll be announcing) his next destination. That star studded, fireworks and dancers led ESPN special hasn’t left my mind, have you all forgotten how sickening it was to watch that. Before he bounces a ball in training camp, our team will become his new NBA version of LeBronnywood, and it’ll wear thin quickly, the thought of it alone should make this signing a turnoff to any really Philly fan.

Which of of our young players does the KING turn on first, ostracize, and run out of town. I’ll wait right here while you name a team he played for where that has NOT happened. Does his current bromance with Ben Simmons erode when he discovers that our prodigy point guard is going to be the primary ball handler, and he will have to work to score away from the ball, and be a complimentary offensive player rather than have the shot clock dominance he’s experienced in ALL his previous stops? Does he embrace being second to Joel Embiid in the end game? We have zero record of LeBron being able to heal any fractured team relationships, no matter how big or small, and he’s alwaysmade his locker room truly his by controlling who’s in it. That would be toxic here, with this bonded group of young players who KNOW they’re the core, and offer a decade of playing and growing together.

Let’s suppose for arguments sake that he takes the lowest possible payday, somewhere in the vicinity of $70 million (and yes that’s best you’re gonna do) for two years and a $10 million opt out. They’re are better options for $80 million NBA dollars than an aging superstar whose legs have died under him in the last three playoffs.  This is a great summer to have the flexibility the 76ers do, why waste it on a desperate two year run that will only stunt the growth of a young squad that won 53 games organically, and is ALREADY seen by most to be a conference finals team (at least) next season. It’s nonsense. Bye LeBron. Don’t forget, that team in Boston is ALSO built for a sustained run of success, and isn’t going ANYWHERE! Do you wanna compete for two years, maybe three, or ten? Yeah, and let us not forget that team is bulit around a superstar who wasn’t good enough for the KING your collective hearts beat so hard for. Sickening. You should know better. You’re from Philly.

I feel a need to voice a disclaimer. I don’t hate Lebron. I have zero personal animosity towards a guy who apparently “gets it.” I applaud  his activism, admire his contribution towards his community through building schools, providing 1200 college scholarship opportunities for urban youth. Great stuff. The often whiny, excuse making, selfish guy I sometimes see on my TV I’ll pass on, however.

While Philadelphia maybe the cradle of liberty, I want no bed made for LeBron James. A nice brotherly shove towards the Lakers makes this all go away. Bon voyage, vaya con dios. Find a nice place in Malibu, make a movie.

Anywhere but Philly.

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