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WWE: Nikki Cross Returns to NXT TV and Has a Face Turn


On the latest episode of NXT, Sanity’s Nikki Cross made her return to make the save for Dakota Kai. When she came running into the ring, the NXT crowd popped for her greatly. It is safe to say that Nikki Cross will be getting booked as a face. There had been reports for some time that we would be getting Nikki Cross vs. Shayna Bazler for the NXT Woman’s title at Takeover Chicago.

Prior to her making her return, we were seeing Dakota Kai take on Bazler in a title match. It was very obvious that the WWE wasn’t going to have Bazler drop the belt. If it’s true that her and Cross are going to fight in Chicago, I don’t expect WWE to have her drop the belt. While I expect this feud to go on for more than Chicago between Cross and Bazler, this will make it interesting for Sanity as a faction. It will be interesting to see if WWE waits to bring Sanity up until after this feud between Cross and Bazler wraps up. If that is the case, then you need to have them do something to stay relevant.

As far as booking for this feud, it is clear that Nikki Cross will be booked as a face. While she may still do some heel tendencies, it wouldn’t work in this feud. Bazler has essentially become the Brock Lesnar of the Woman’s division. The only difference is that Bazler appears on TV more than once every couple of months. In addition, Nikki Cross’ run as a heel was becoming stale. It will be interesting to see where this whole thing goes. According to reports, Nikki Cross was kept in NXT to help elevate the woman’s division. It will be interesting to see when Nikki Cross does get the call up to the main roster.

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