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Now with Sanity on the Main Roster, What Should Be Done with Them


On the latest Smackdown, former NXT Tag champions Sanity made their long-awaited debut. They were supposed to have a match with the Usos. Instead it would end up being a beatdown. If you recall, Sanity was apart of the NXT call ups after WrestleMania 34 but didn’t make their debuts for some time. There were rumblings going around that they were stalling them because creative had no plans for them at the time. Now that you have Kilian Dain, Alexander Wolfe, and Eric Young on the main roster, the WWE has an interesting thing they can do.

For starters, WWE should have Alexander Wolfe and Kilian Dain gun right for the Smackdown Tag titles. The Smackdown Live tag team scene is much weaker than the singles roster. As of this writing, you have The Bar, Good Brothers, The Colons, New Day, Usos, Rusev Day, and the Smackdown Live Tag team champions, the Bludgeon Brothers. Right off the back, the Colons haven’t been on TV. Since we have seen the pairing of Aiden English and Rusev, they have made English be more of a sidekick. The Bar had a brief program with New Day and haven’t done anything since. Let’s not forget that the WWE is planning on taking New Day out of the tag team division. According to Cageside seats, the WWE wants to treat Kofi Kingston, Big E, and Xaiver Woods as more singles stars. Right now the Smackdown Tag team scene is between the Bludgeon Brothers and Good Brothers. I don’t personally see how that feud goes beyond Extreme Rules. Between now and the Smackdown after Extreme Rules, I would have Alexander Wolfe and Kilian Dain bulldoze through every team.

As far as Eric Young, I would have him go for the WWE Championship. Right now Rusev is next in line. However, it is evitable that AJ Styles will be dropping the belt at some point. I would build Eric Young now so that you can easily put him in the main event scene by Survivor Series. What I mean by building up is you have people who watch Smackdown who may not have watch Impact or NXT and have no idea who Eric Young is. You need time to introduce Eric Young to the more casual fans.

Due to how weak the tag team division is, the WWE has a shot to make new stars in all three of these guys. Hopefully, WWE creative doesn’t screw it up like they did with the Ascension, Tye Dillnger, and a few others.

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