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Interesting Tag Team Title Match at Money in the Bank


One of the matches at Money in the Bank will see “Brothers” do battle. The Smackdown Tag Team titles are on the line when the Bludgeon Brothers go up against the Good Brothers (Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows). This match would end up becoming part of the card when Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows would defeat the Usos in a #1 Contenders match. There are a few things to look at for this match.

For starters, this will be the first title defense for Harper and Rowan since they defeated the Usos at the Greatest Royal Rumble. It will be interesting to see how these four guys mesh together. In addition, you have three big men in Luke Gallows, Harper, and Rowan. It could be possible that Karl Anderson could play a difference maker because of his size. As we saw at WrestleMania, Harper and Rowan were dominate in their win. I’m curious to see if they continue this dominant side to them. With all of that being said, I just don’t see any possible way that Harper and Rowan drop the belts to them.

The WWE seems to be behind these guys and put the belts on them at their biggest event of the year. With the fact they had one title defense in the interim, it would be highly unlikely that they have them drop the belts. In addition, they can extend this feud into Summerslam because there really isn’t any other team. As of this writing, the Smackdown tag team division is laid out like this: The Bar (Cesaro and Sheamus), New Day (Big E, Kofi Kingston, and Xavier Woods), The Usos, Rusev and Aiden English, The Colons, and Sanity (Whenever they get called up).

Right off the back; The Bar, Usos, and New Day don’t need the belts as they are over enough with the WWE crowd. The Colons aren’t on TV now as Epico is recovering from shoulder surgery. I have a sense that English and Rusev aren’t going to be together soon. Sanity would be the only other one to go for the belts, but they have not made their official main roster debut.

It would benefit WWE if they keep this going into Summerslam. By then you could possible have the Good Brothers win the belts and feud with the Bar or the Usos. For now, I am looking forward to this match at Money in the Bank to see what direction the WWE ends up going.

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