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Bobby Roode Needs a Heel Turn to Help His Career

Bobby Roode

When it comes to the WWE, you have faces and heels. Some of the well-known faces would include John Cena, Daniel Bryan, Johnny Gargano, and others. On the flip side, you have guys like the Undertaker, Tomaso Ciampa, and the Miz who are better heels. However, there are some instances where a wrestler who happens to be face needs to turn heel to help their career. A prime example of this is Shinsuke Nakamura. For most of Nakamura’s WWE run he has been a face. It was getting to the point that it was becoming stale. He would end up turning heel on AJ Styles at WrestleMania 34. While it hasn’t done anything as he lost three straight championship matches to AJ Styles, it allows the WWE another direction to work with him.

There is one wrestler on the RAW roster who is in desperate shape and needs a heel turn. Bobby Roode needs to turn heel now. As Blake Oestriecher of Forbes recently put out a list of five WWE superstars who are heading for a heel turn. He thinks it will be Sasha Banks, a member of New Day (Xaiver Woods would be my guess), Bobby Lashley, Nia Jax and or Natayla, and Bobby Roode. While all of these superstars are heading for a heel turn, Bobby Roode should be on the list very high. While he was down in NXT, he first appeared as a face. He would then turn on Tye Dillinger during the Dusty Rhodes Classic. Then he would go on a heel run that was memorable.

He came off as someone who was cocky and full of himself. Once he got to the main roster, the WWE ended up debuting him as a face because there were too many heels on the Smackdown roster at the time. Since he has been on the main roster, he hasn’t done anything memorable as a face. The only exception was his US title run. But even that wasn’t anything memorable. I would turn him heel before we get into 2019.

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