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Historical and Unexpected Events During the World Cup

World Cup Historical

The World Cup is the largest soccer event in the World with over 3 billion viewers. This world cup is a sporting event that no one, not even the casual fans of   America, would want to miss. The 2018 World Cup has been unpredictable and historical so far. Many great teams made it to Round 16, the knockout rounds, but lots of favorite teams did not make it and lots of history of was made.

Uruguay and Russia made it out of group A. Uruguay won all of their matches during their group stage of the World Cup while Russia scored 8 goals in their first 2 matches alone. Sadly Mohamed Salah did not shine like he did with Liverpool during the 2018/18 season and Egypt was eliminated, along with Saudi Arabia. However, Egypt did make history during this World Cup; Essam El-Hadary, Egypt’s goalkeeper, is the oldest player ever to participate in the World Cup at 45 years old.

Portugal and Spain faced each other for the first match of Group B and Cristiano Ronaldo scored a hat-trick but his team did not win for Spain was able to draw that match and get 1 point. Both teams advanced to Round 16 leaving Iran and Morocco behind.

France won their first two matches and those 6 points gave them the spot on top of group C and automatically headed to Round 16. During their match with Peru, Kylian Mbappé became the youngest goalscorer at 19 years old. When going into their 3rd match, France did not need to win and finished up the group with a draw against Denmark, who advanced too. Peru and Australia did not.

Group D, also known as the group of death was lead by Croatia, who like Uruguay, won all of their matches. The second team to advance with Croatia was a clash between Argentina, Nigeria, and Iceland. Lionel Messi and Argentina barely made the cut, but they succeed in the end. Nigeria and Iceland were then eliminated.

Brazil came out on top of group E, to no one surprise, but what is surprising is that Neymar is not the one who got the team there, it was Philippe Coutinho who was pushing forward at every match and who earns the attention of the world. Switzerland is joining Brazil to the next Round of 16 leaving Serbia and Costa Rica behind.

Group F was the most unexpected and exciting group to watch. The first match of the group was Germany, the previous winners, versus Mexico. Mexico shook the world and beat the champions. Mexicans were so happy and proud of their team that the citizens of that country experienced a mini earthquake for the celebrations they had shaken their country, literally. Carlos Vela made the goal against Germany, and he scored against Japan. Vela is an MLS player, who plays for LAFC, and although the US isn’t in Russia, lots Americans are rooting for Vela and Mexico. Sweden pushed to the next round with Mexico (yep, you read that correctly. Germany did not make it), without Zlatan on their team; apparently, they did not need him, they needed their captain, the goalscoring center-back Andreas Granqvist. Although South Korea did make it to Round 16, they left Russia with a bang! The world went crazy, crazier than when Mexico beat Germany when South Korea beat Germany 2-0 and that is what got Germany eliminated from the World Cup. Both goals were scored during stoppage time and those last added 6 minutes will go down in history.

Belgium and England advance in Group G. Both teams each have a contender for the Golden Boot, most goals during the tournament. Belgium has Romelu Lukaku while England has Harry Kane. Tunisia was eliminated with Panama, who although lost, made the best of it. This was Panama’s first World Cup appearance and fans and players were in tears when the team and traveling fans sang their national anthem for the first time on the world’s largest soccer stage. During their final match, Panama scored their first and only goal and the fans celebrated, despite losing, as if they won the World Cup. It was emotional and historical.

Like group F, group H was a tight race. Japan made history when they beat Colombia. Japan became the first Asian team to beat a Latin American team. Senegal fans left Russia earlier than they were anticipating but they left with the respect of the world. After every crowded match, Senegal fans collected trash that other attendees left on the stadium floor and cleaned up; RESPECT. Poland too got sent home earlier than fans, experts and Robert Lewandowski, the goal-scoring machine, expected.

The 2018 World Cup has been unpredictable and historical. With the second-highest odds to win the this World Cup, no one saw Germany losing to Mexico and South Korea. No one saw Japan beating Colombia. Nor did anyone see Harry Kane in the leading for the Golden Boot and leading England into a great direction. What did we see? We saw the oldest player to participate in a World Cup and the youngest goalscorer too. We saw Panama fans sing their first national for the first time during a World Cup event and score their first goal too. Lots of unpredictable and historical moments so far in this first group stage.

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