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Ben McAdoo Thinks Eagles Will Fail In 2018, Giants Win NFC East


Last season, The Ringer’s Mike Lombardi, a former Eagles and Browns executive, called Doug Pederson “the most unqualified Head Coach in NFL History.”

He was mocked for that, especially when the Eagles defeated the New England Patriots 41-33 in Super Bowl LII. Lombardi’s opinion lead to a slew of freezing cold takes from media personalities Colin Cowherd, Skip Bayless, Nick Wright, and many others.

Now, Ben McAdoo, former Giants Head Coach, has thrown his hat into the ring for “dumbest Eagles take.”

According to McAdoo, who spoke to The New York Post, the Eagles have “never had much success: (Via

“I think Philly, how much success has Philly had?” McAdoo said. “I think they’re gonna have a hard time handling success. Dallas, I like their offensive line, but how long have we been saying that? Their defense, they got a bunch of young guys playing DB, Sean Lee is banged up a lot, and their D-line, they got a bunch of guys getting in trouble all the time. And Washington is Washington, right?”

It’s worth noting that since 2008, the Eagles have a head-to-head record 16-4 and both teams have won a Super Bowl. The Cowboys and Redskins have both been mediocre during that time (Dallas has two playoff wins compared to the Redskins zero.) It’s safe to say that the Eagles have been the best team in the NFC East over the past ten years.

McAdoo apparently does not have much ill will towards the Giants, as he is picking them to win the NFC East because “they made the moves I wanted to all along.”

Sure thing, Ben, sure thing.

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