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What Would Whit Merrifield Bring to the Phillies?

Whit Merrifield

A few days ago, John Paul Morosi reported that the Phillies were interested in acquiring the services of Royals utility man Whit Merrifield.  

Merrifield, 29, is the Royals best player and most valuable player ahead of Major League Baseball’s July 31st trade deadline.

However, unless you are a Royals or diehard baseball fan, you probably do not know who he is.

Merrifield has only been playing big league ball since 2016, having spent over six years in the Royals farm system. However, since being called up to The Show, he has shown adeptness in two things: playing almost every position and getting on-base.

Those two attributes making him a highly attractive player for the Phillies. Manager Gabe Kapler highly values players who can play several positions, and Merrifield has shown he can play anywhere on the diamond (except shortstop) and the outfield.

More importantly, the super-utility man is an on-base machine. He is currently 29th in MLB in on-base percentage, and bats lead-off for the Royals. If acquired by the Phillies, he would likely bat second, and allow Rhys Hoskins to move lower in the lineup and have more opportunities to drive in runs.

Merrifield is, in essence, another Freddie Galvis or Cesar Hernandez, the latter of whom I feel is one of the most underrated players in the game. With Philadelphia’s dream’s of Manny Machado seemingly fading each day as a real option before the deadline, and a lack of power hitters available, opting for a near-elite on-base player would still improve the Phillies offense without having to empty any cupboards.

The MLB’s non-waiver trade deadline is July 31st.

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