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Team Hell No Should Win the Smackdown Tag Belts, but Not Past Summerslam

Team Hell No

At WWE’s Extreme Rules, the Smackdown Tag titles are on the line as the Bludgeon Brothers take on the Team Hell No (Kane and Daniel Bryan). It’s been known for the last couple of weeks that Luke Harper and Eric Rowan were feuding with Daniel Bryan. We saw the Bludgeon Brothers beating down on Daniel Bryan. As this beating was going down, Kane ended up coming out and making the save. We would end up seeing Smackdown Live General Manager Paige come out right after to make the announcement.

Like we are seeing with the Raw Tag belts, the WWE hasn’t really done much with the Bludgeon Brothers. They had something for a short time with the Usos and the New Day. However, once the WWE took both of them out of the picture for now, there seems to be no creative push for the Bludgeon Brothers. I don’t know why, but I could see something where Team Hell No ends up winning the belts. However, I don’t see them holding the belts long. Not for nothing, I see them being dropped by Summerslam. I don’t see the Usos or New Day being the ones to take the belts off of Team Hell No. There’s a chance it may be the Bar. However, they haven’t been on TV for some time. The one that’s more than likely to happen and one I have been hearing from others is Sanity.

This one makes the most sense on the fact that the WWE has been pushing them a bit. In addition, it would also make sense. However, if the WWE goes this way; I would like it to be Alexander Wolfe and Kilian Dain be the ones to take the belts. While I wouldn’t mind Eric Young holding the belt, I want him to possible get a run with the IC belt or WWE Championship. Finally, if the WWE goes this direction it won’t be the first time that the WWE uses Team Hell No to establish new talent on the main roster. During the teams first run back in 2013, they won the tag belts and begun a feud with the Wyatt Family.

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